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Brighton Palace Pier is the hosting location for the Brighton Music Walk of Fame. In the last ten years millions of pounds have been invested in the maintenance and development of Brighton Palace Pier. Now firmly established as a pier of the 21st century, with the charm of yester-year combined with modern retailing and entertainment facilities, work continues to preserve the historic structure whilst continuing to attract millions of visitors on an annual basis.


A recent multi-million-pound project has ensured the substructure is preserved and work has also been undertaken to care for the marine environment below the Pier. Above the deck the latest video games, thrill rides and retail shops ensure customers experience the best of seaside entertainment. The Pier also now hosts the Brighton Music Walk of Fame, a “free to view” cultural attraction paying homage to the many famous stars and musicians associated with the City of Brighton and Sussex over the past 50 years. To take advantage of the media revolution the Pier is equipped with Wi-Fi with social media playing a large part in helping to promote the attraction across the world.

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